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Fax is sent to your number

Step 2

We receive and convert your fax to PDF

Step 3

You receive the fax by email

Zonitel fax

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  1. Zonitel will configure your current fax number (or new number) with our state of the art Fax Solutions.
  2. All incoming faxes will go to your email in PDF format and will also be available on the office portal and mobile APP for 1 year.
  3. This gives you the flexibility to read, share and print faxes at your convenience – saving you ink, paper, time and money.
  4. Never miss a fax again.

We are offering up to 2 fax numbers for you and your team.

By submitting the form on the left you will be connected with one of our specialists that will be on your speed dial and work with you during the setup and free trial process.

You and your team will have and can test features like:

  1. Incoming fax to email.
  2. Send fax from your computer or mobile device
  3. Fax to a list of emails.
  4. And more…

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