The real cost of a missed call

Missed Calls Can Hurt Your Business

No business can work without a customer. That’s obvious from the start.

If you’re like many owners or managers, you don’t consider missed business calls a big deal. You don’t like it, but it happens.

Given today’s emphasis on digital communication, it’s easy to think that phone calls don’t matter that much.

After all, email and social media work for many companies.

But statistics tell a different story. Unanswered calls are more important than we may think.

Here’s a statistic that may change your mind about missed phone calls: 80% of all business communications take place over the phone.

That’s right—80% of all business communication.  If this statistic doesn’t ring alarm bells for you, it should.

Missing phone calls is poor customer service for which businesses pay a heavy price.

The phone is still the number one tool customers use when they need to get things done fast.

It’s also a critical tool for helping customers. So, the last thing you want to do is miss a call. It frustrates your customers, leaves their issues unresolved, and tells them you don’t have the solution they need.

It’s also unprofessional.

Why Do Missed Calls happen?

Many reasons exist why businesses miss calls. Here are six top reasons for doing that. Your employees are:

  1. Overwhelmed with work and you have insufficient staff to handle the overload
  2. Too busy focusing on other customer service matters and ignore the call
  3. Prioritizing digital communications rather than phone calls
  4. Lacking the right technology to provide the requisite service
  5. Employees are away from their desks and can’t get to a phone
  6. Relying on old phone technology without modern tools and features to meet the today’s standards
Side Effects of Missed Calls
  1. You lose the daily revenue you might have made for that specific calls. Roughly 85% of the people whose calls you miss don’t call back. That means you’ve lost whatever revenue you might have gotten forever.
  2. About 70% of people will stop dealing with a business whose customer service is weak, and more than 60% will go on to do business with rival companies. Poor customer services turn clients off and cause them to seek out competitors.
    They simply leave.

    So, you don’t know they were unhappy before they left. You also never get a chance to re-sell these clients on your business.

  3. Creates a bad reputation with customers.
  4. Generates negative word-of-mouth advertising.

Steps to Fix the Missed Call Problem

Auto Attendants — Voice menu systems

That allow callers to get information and go to the right person without going through a receptionist. They can help relieve some pressure on an overloaded staff.

Automated Missed call notification

Notifies you when a customer reaches out and also send the customer a custom text message to stay on the loop.

Text Messages

The average phone call duration is around 3 mins while the text message only takes 2 seconds and give you the flexibility to reply while you are also prioritizing other business tasks.


Stay connected. You and your employees need a Mobile APP that integrates with your phone system and allows you to work from anywhere.

Analyze Call Statistics

Know your busiest hours and days. Get reports and determine how is your staff managing the calls.

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